Arthur - D.W. Read Free Paper Toy Download

Arthur - D.W. Read Free Paper Toy Download


Arthur - D.W. Read Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is D.W. Read, Arthur's younger sister and Baby Kate's older sister, and the middle child in her family, from the children animated educational television series Arthur, the papercraft was created by Moomuu. D.W. Read attends Elwood City Preschool.

Like the rest of her family, D.W. is an anthropomorphic aardvark. Her brown hair and the shape of it comes from her mother, Jane. She has brown hair in the form of a bob cut, which is up to her cheeks; plus, she has bangs. She wears a white long-sleeved bodysuit and a pink jumper with blue Mary Jane shoes.

D.W. also has many alternate outfits: Her footsie pajamas, pink frilly swimsuit, red polka dot dress, her Arthur outfit, gymnastics suit, and many more. In some of the books, she wore pink overalls. In the episode Double Tibble Trouble, she wore green overalls. In the summer she either wears a dress and a short sleeved shirt, or shorts and a blue T- Shirt, like in D.W.'s Deer Friend, when she went camping. She also wears her blue T- Shirt with gray jeans. In the episode D.W. All Fired Up , she wore purple overalls, with green pockets. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft toy template here: Arthur - D.W. Read Free Paper Toy Download