Armored Cruiser Yakumo Free Ship Paper Model Download

Armored Cruiser Yakumo Free Ship Paper Model Download


Yakumo Paper Model 1This  paper model is the Yakumo, an armored cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), designed and built by the Stettiner Vulcan AG shipyards in Stettin, Germany, the papercraft was designed by etsutan. Yakumo was named from a stanza of the waka poem by Susanoo in the Japanese mythology. Her name is also sometimes transliterated as Yagumo.

Yakumo was one of six armored cruisers ordered for construction by overseas shipyards after the First Sino-Japanese War as part of the "Six-Six Program" intended to form the backbone of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Almost all of the orders were placed with shipyards in the United Kingdom, but for diplomatic reasons and for the purpose of technical comparison, Yakumo was ordered from Germany and her near-sister ship, the Azuma was ordered from France. Yakumo was the only cruiser in the Imperial Japanese Navy built by Germany, but was armed with British guns, to keep its ammunition compatible with other ships in the fleet. Yakumo was laid down n March 1898, launched on 8 July 1899 and entered service on 20 June 1900. For more information please click here.

Yakumo Paper Model 2You can download this ship paper model template here: Armored Cruiser Yakumo Free Ship Paper Model Download