Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Frylock Free Paper Toy Download

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Frylock Free Paper Toy Download


Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Frylock Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is Frylock, the scientific genius and most educated of the group, from the American animated television series Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the papercraft was created by Kim Best. Frylock's room is filled with many scientific items, including a computer and many books. He can design such items, including shrink rays, robots, a cloning machine, and other technological devices with the little money he brings in. He is annoyed quickly by Master Shake's antics and treats Meatwad as a son. He also has the power to shoot various things from his eyes like: Lightning, fire balls, ice beams, and fire exstinguishing foam.

Frylock is, as his name would imply, a red box of french-fried potatoes, fries, grillz, and a mystic jewel embedded within his rarely-seen backside. He moves by levitation and has the ability to shoot lasers and beams from his eyes.

There is a jewel embedded within his rarely-seen backside. This jewel gives Frylock 'the power of a 1,000 suns,' and due to further evidence in the Hoppy Bunny, the jewel might be the reason why he is able to levitate. In the movie, it is revealed that the jewel has a VCR behind it.

He has a scar on his left eye, which was probably caused by Zorak taking out said eye in his debut appearance in the "Baffler Meal" episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Frylock is usually portrayed as a straight male. He uses his fries to grip things and occasionally as "Frydar", a radar-type power for locating things. His gender appears to be male, although in the movie Frylock was shown to be a lesbian transsexual. In a short sequence after the movie's credits, he is shown as transgendered. Frylock is the most rational member of the group and he is also the only one (besides Meatwad's shapeshifting who possesses any useful powers). He is usually the one who foils Shake's wacky actions. Frylock treats Meatwad like a son and protects him in many ways, though can sometimes lose patience with him. Frylock usually tries to help Carl. The most logical and rational member of the group, Frylock is the voice of reason in a sea of absolute stupidity.

Some evidence of his scientific exploits can be displayed with such things as the supercomputer, which he created to be the "ultimate" personal computer. During the New Year's festival, it is revealed that he is the creator of Thundercleese, the war-robot character on The Brak Show. In the live-action episode, Last Last One Forever and Ever, Frylock is played by T-Pain. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft toy here: Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Frylock Free Paper Toy Download