Appleseed - Landmate Bust Paper Model Free Download

Appleseed - Landmate Bust Paper Model Free Download


Appleseed - Landmate Bust Paper Model Free DownloadThis mecha paper model is a Landmate Bust, based on the Japanese manga series Appleseed, the papercraft is shared by keeia. The term "Landmate" is used to describe a type of powered armor suit, which is seen exclusively in the manga and anime portions of Shirow Masamune's Appleseed sci-fi saga.

The name has sometimes been applied to similar suits of armor that appear in his other works, such as Ghost in the Shell, but this is generally a misnomer since these examples carry their own distinct names, notably the Fuchikoma, and differ somewhat in design. Landmates fall under the umbrella term of mecha, which generically describes a man-like machine or mechanized protection garment, popular in Japanese fiction and pop-culture.

In Appleseed, a large variety of Landmates exist, ranging from civilian construction units to heavily-armed anti-gravity flight units employed by various police forces, armies, and even well-financed terrorist organizations. Most are similar in dimension, regardless of purpose, and stand between twelve and twenty feet tall, making them one of the smaller examples of Japanese mecha.

While there are countless versions of Landmates, including many not depicted in either the manga or animes, all postwar, Olympus-built units seem to follow a fundamental design, a two-legged suit with four arms, with a large chest cavity, and a camera-equipped head.

There is no glass windshield on most Landmates as this would compromise the tank-like armor capabilities; instead the wearer perceives his or her surroundings using a panoramic LCD monitor assembly inside the chest-cavity cockpit. Various heads-up displays are superimposed on the screens, the layout of which the pilot can personalize. Although the screen is integral to the routine operation of a Landmate, it is possible to pilot one without, such as in an emergency situation, as depicted twice in the film Appleseed Ex Machina.

As mentioned, Landmates have four arms. The two large ones are used for carrying items, frequently large weapons, and employ jointed, five-fingered mechanical hands. The two smaller arms, located below the first pair, are hollow and flexible sheaths, that contain the pilot's arms. Most military and police Landmates have a lightly armored, fingered glove at the end of the control arms, allowing the pilot to use their own hand for special purposes or weapons handling, whereas civilian models typically have a protective steel mitt. [Source: wikia]

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