Anime Papercraft - Antecco "Antec Mascot"

Anime Papercraft - Antecco "Antec Mascot"


Antecco Papercraft
This cute anime-type papercraft is Antecco, she is the moe character / official mascot for Antec Japan - PC parts manufacturer known for their computer cases, power supplies and PC accessories.

Antecco is the brainchild of one of the Antec employees who drew it for use in internal memos. It got passed around, employees liked it so much that they decided to make it their official mascot.

Antecco is described as a 14 year old girl who is into heavy metal music, likes to surf, and eat sushi. As you can see on the pic, Japan loves their school girl-types, Antecco is using 2 PC fans for hair clips, a PC power supply unit as a spiked flail, and an Antec fan grill for her tiara. That pervy looking thing in the back is anthropomorphosized letter "A". This Antecco papercraft was designed by Cafetera.

Antecco Papercraft Mascot

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