Sorry if I didn't get this one on time, but if you're still looking, here's the 2009 Earth Day papercrafts from BadCat Design.The Conserv-O-Cats (from L to R) Bamboo Cat, Scra

Todays model is from Konica Minolta's Rare Animal papercraft series, the Japanese Chipmunk (scientific name: Tamias sibiricus lineatus) is a subspecies of the Siberian chipmun

We're heading to the Papertoy Box web site today, they've got a ton of papercraft vehicles from the various Ultraman shows. Fans of the series would recognize the Magma Riser,

Aerodactyl (aka Ptera) is a rock-type and Fossil Pokemon that doesn't have any evolutionary form, it's an extinct Pokemon that can only be had by resurrecting it from the Old

The latest custom from Abz called Severen, using Sinner's Genetically Altered paper toy.Genetically Altered Paper Toy - Severen [Download]Hellraiser Papercraft - Lament Config

Zooguu has a monster papercraft that will keep an eye out for you ^^, its name is Albert the Cyclops.Albert kinda looks like a short version of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc
Raccoon Dog (shigaraki Chokipeta) Papercraft

Here is a cute paper model of a Shigaraki Raccoon Dog papercraft, now you may ask what is a Shigaraki Raccoon Dog? to be brief, Shigaraki is a village in Japan that used to be
Illusion Dragon Papercraft

  This dragon optical illusion has been one of the most visited items on the Grand Illusions web site, and millions of people have downloaded...

Lil Mayer (aka Re-l Mayer, aka REAL Mayer) paper model created by paperrizer, from the Japanese anime series Ergo Proxy.Ergo Proxy - Lil Mayer Papercraft [Download]Mabinogi D