Anime Cat Papercrafts - Mayo & Tiger

Anime Cat Papercrafts - Mayo & Tiger


It's been a long time (9 months ago) since we saw the first papercraft from +Kareha site / designer Yuta-Mu, she left us with a cute anime-type papercraft cat called Mayo (short for Mayonnaise) that's on a sitting position and a bunch of previews about her commercial paper models.

Now she's added two more free models, one is a redux of Mayo (male) and the other is called Tiger (female), both are in a standing position. Tiger's name is based on her color and stripes. These cat papercrafts are part of the designer's Petite Paper series. Follow the link below and click on the "Download" section of their site to get to the goods. Special thanks goes to Yuta-Mu for the info.

Anime Cat Papercrafts - Mayo & Tiger [Yuta-Mu]

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