Animal Papercrafts - French Bulldog & Raccoon

Animal Papercrafts - French Bulldog & Raccoon


French Bulldog & Raccoon PapercraftMaruman Corp. did a re-design on their site and has two new cute animal papercrafts to boot. As always, the two main designers on their site Keicraft (for the realistic looking papercrafts) and Kamimodel (for the anime / cartoony papercrafts) are once again providing us with the goods.

The first is a French Bulldog papercraft by Keicraft, a small dog breed that is built very sturdy and muscular, very well known for its trademark " bat ears". Then we've got a raccoon papercraft from Kamimodel - haven't seen any updates on his popular ROMMY paper toy series so this will do for now ^^

Animals - Raccoon & French Bulldog Papercraft

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