Animal Papercraft - Kangaroo

Animal Papercraft - Kangaroo


Kangaroo PapercraftThe Kangaroo is the most famous native Australian animal and is also considered by many as a national symbol of Australia.

Kangaroos are herbivorous leaping marsupials of that have large powerful hind legs and a long thick tail. They range in height from 1 metre to 2 metres and the babies live in their mother's pouch. Kangaroos are endemic to Australia.

As a popular Australia symbol, you can see the Kangaroo image on the Australian coat of arms, its currency - $1 coin and the 50 cen coin, and also serves as the logo for Quantas Airways (Australia's national airline) nicknamed "The Flying Kangaroo".

This detailed kangaroo papercraft model is from designer Katsuyuki Shiga of Pino Art.

Kangaroo Papercraft

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