Animal Paper Model - Common Coot Free Templates Download

Animal Paper Model - Common Coot Free Templates Download


Animal Paper Model - Common Coot Free Templates DownloadThese are two Common Coots, designed by zardoz. Coots are medium-sized, crane-like birds that are members of the Rallidae family. They constitute the genus Fulica. Coots have predominantly black plumage, and - unlike many rails - they are usually easy to see, often swimming in open water. They are close relatives of the moorhen.

Coots have prominent frontal shields or other decoration on the forehead, with red to dark red eyes and coloured bills. Many, but not all, have white on the under tail. The featherless shield gave rise to the expression "as bald as a coot," which the Oxford English Dictionary cites in use as early as 1430. Like other rails, they have long, lobed toes that are well adapted to soft, uneven surfaces. Coots have strong legs and can walk and run vigorously. They tend to have short, rounded wings and are weak fliers, though northern species nevertheless can cover long distances.

The Common Coot has expanded its range to other countries and continents, very common on lakes, ponds and rivers of the Old World. This species can be seen in large flocks. Their territorial fights are famous and spectacular, with the coots running fast over the lake and raising beautiful showers of water.

Both adults are similar, with female slightly smaller than male. The Common Coot adult has black plumage overall, but we can notice a contrast between the deep black head and neck and the paler body which appears greyish-black according to the lighting.

You can download the paper craft templates here: Animal Paper Model - Common Coot Free Templates Download