Animal Crossing - Kapp'n Papercraft free download

Animal Crossing - Kapp'n Papercraft free download


Animal Crossing - Kapp'n Papercraft

Kapp'n (カッペイ, Kappei / うんてんしゅ, Chauffer) is a green turtle (kappa in the Japanese versions) that features in the Animal Crossing series as a driver of various forms of transport. He has been known to row boats, drive taxis and also drive buses. Kapp'n himself is a sailor by nature, referring frequently to his life on the sea and speaking in stereotypical pirate tones. He has also expresses a fondness for women and singing old sea shanties.

The word 'Kappa', from which Kapp'n derives, is the name for a river imp in Japanese folklore. They are mischevous in nature, and reptilian in appearance. His name could also be the sailor pronounciation of 'captain', where letters are missed out in certain words which is how sailors in the past were believed to have talked, saying things like 'yar!', 'sprat', 'garr' and will sometimes refer to the player as fish or sea creatures, such as 'scallop', 'Sea Bass', carp, and 'urchin'. He also wears a cap on his head, which may be of some relevance to his name.

This is a paper model, About the model [via nintendocraft]
Pages: 3
Height: 5 in. 
Width: 3 in.
Pieces: 44
Difficulty: Medium
Designer: Link101
Builder: Link101

Other Notes
Start at the cap, build the head downwards, and close at the bottom of the head. Then do the body, arms, and legs. Finish the model by closing at the shell and glueing the head onto the body.