AMX-107 Bawoo Free Gundam Paper Model Download

AMX-107 Bawoo Free Gundam Paper Model Download


AMX-107 Bawoo Free Gundam Paper Model DownloadThis gundam paper model is AMX-107 Bawoo (pronounced Bao-O), a variable mobile suit developed by Neo Zeon during the First Neo Zeon War, and appears in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, the papercraft is created by Tomtomus.

Capable of separating in to the Bawoo Attacker and autonomous Bawoo Nutter units. The distinctive kanji on the left thigh armor of Glemy Toto's orange-colored prototype are an ancient character which combines the characters for "dragon" and "flight", pronounced "bau" in Japanese.

The basic armaments of the Bawoo were four fixed grenade launcher guns equipped on the forearms and two beam sabers. The extendable rear wing binders are equipped with three missiles each. The optional beam rifle is capable of switching to a rapid-fire mode. In addition, the shield is equipped with five mega particle guns.

In the year U.C. 0096, the surviving Bawoo units were modified by The Sleeves for their own use. The Bawoo Attacker was equipped with a pair of machine cannons. The Bawoo Nutter was reconfigured to have its own cockpit, granting better coordination between the Attacker and Nutter, this new feature also allowed the Nutter to continue operating even if the Bawoo Attacker was destroyed. The Sleeves modified version of the Nutter could also equip six missiles similar to the Attacker, bringing the total amount of missiles to twelve. [Source: wikia]


  • Beam Saber
  • 4-tube Grenade Launcher
  • Machine Cannon
  • AMM-06H Heavy Missile
  • Beam Rifle
  • Beam Machine Gun
  • Shield
  • Mega Particle Gun

Special Equipment & Features

  • Optional Backpack
  • External Propellant Tanks
The Bawoo can be equipped with a pair of external propellant tanks to extend its operating time.
  • Transformation/Docking Systems
  • Bawoo Attacker
The torso with the cockpit fighter is dubbed the "Bawoo Attacker". The unit achieves this configuration by tilting the head component forward, moving the arms to the bottom of the fuselage and extending the flexible wings and the wing backpack binders. It is armed with a beam rifle, missiles and grenade launchers, boasting high offensive power. Also, with the optional shield attached to the underside of the fuselage, it could improve the aerodynamics of the aircraft. The Bawoo Attacker modified by the Sleeves had a pair of machine cannons.
  • Bawoo Nutter
The remote-controlled lower torso is called the "Bawoo Nutter". The Bawoo Nutter is controlled wirelessly by Minvosky transmission, allowing it to function as an independent combat drone. With its legs rotated to 90 degrees, the legs could be used as lumbar wings. The Bawoo Nutter had a maximum payload of 1,800 kg, and could equip a warhead (it could also be equipped with nuclear warheads) and reach a range of 640km, thereby acting as a giant missile. The Bawoo Nutter modified by the Sleeves had its own cockpit, and six missiles.
  • Ballute System

You can download this gundam paper model here: AMX-107 Bawoo Free Gundam Paper Model Download