American McGee's Alice - Hobby Horse Free Papercraft Download

American McGee's Alice - Hobby Horse Free Papercraft Download


Alice - Hobby Horse Free Papercraft DownloadHere are Hobby Horse papercrafts, based on the third-person action video game , the paper toys are created by ZombieGrimm. The Hobby Horse is one of Alice Liddell's weapons. It is used as a large hammer-like weapon for more heavy duty-foes and enemies with tough defenses. The weapon appears to possess a living quality as it neighs when used.

The Hobby Horse changed its appearance through upgrading:

  • Level 1: A classic-looking hobby horse made from light brown wood. It had a blank expression and round eyes with light blue wheels, rope reins and "collar detail" around the neck. Its mane was made from a piece of rope.
  • Level 2: Made from red metal, with a red-and-white-striped stick and "collar," a round studded weight where the wheels should be. The horse head had an enraged expression, blue leather reins, and a red and white mane made from segmented pieces of curved metal.
  • Level 3: Black metal body and head with red nostrils and red glowing eyes, black reins, a spine-segmented stick, and a shell-like weight at the end. Although the mane was metal, it looked more like a real mane with flame-like curls.
  • Level 4: A "hobby unicorn" with a silver body and head. The head had gold glowing eyes, nostrils and a single horn protruding from the forehead. The weight was pointed, resembling a diamond, and the rein was made from white leather and chains. The mane appears longer and more wild. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft templates here: American McGee's Alice - Hobby Horse Free Papercraft Download [Level 1] [Level 2] [Level 3] [Level 4]