Almost Naked Animals Paper Toys Free Download

Almost Naked Animals Paper Toys Free Download


Almost Naked Animals Paper Toys Free DownloadHere are five paper toys (Howie, Bunny, Narwhal, Piggy and Duck) for kids, they are main characters in anime Almost Naked Animals, the papercrafts were created by Original Site. Almost Naked Animals is a Canadian animated television series that is produced for YTV and Cartoon Network. The series premiered on January 7, 2011 on the Canadian YTV and later on June 13, 2011 on the American Cartoon Network. The series was created by Noah Z. Jones, who is also the creator of the Disney Channel animated series Fish Hooks. A third season is currently in production.

The cartoon is set inside a tropical resort called the Banana Cabana. All of the cabana's staff members and residents are funny animals who have shaved off their fur and wear only underclothes. A dog named Howie is the manager and leader of the cabana. Each episode follows Howie and his "misfit" crew having unusual adventures in the Banana Cabana.

Howie is a pale-yellow dog and protagonist and manager of the Banana Cabana. He is hyperactive and impulsive, he's almost always cheerful.

Bunny is a short-tempered yellow rabbit and activity planner with a sugary personality.

Piggy is a pale-pink pig who is a ninja-trained master chef with a Bulgarian accent. He speaks broken English.

Narwhal is a periwinkle medium-sized, egotistical toothed whale that loves to sing. He sings in the lounge, but apparently knows very few songs and has a small fan base.

Duck is a Tan-colored duck who does every random job and tries anything to get it done. It was revealed in "The Sun Howie Always Wanted" that his full name is Archibald William Nightindale Duck III, when the Mayor gave him and Howie an award. As a running gag Duck often appears during a problem with a funny non sequitur.In the episode "What Would Batty Do?" it is reveled he is Lactose intolerant.

You can download these paper crafts here: Almost Naked Animals Paper Toys Free Download