An offshoot of the highly successful SPAD VII biplane, here's the SPAD XII piloted by American fighter ace Eddie Rickenbacker.SPAD XII Biplane Papercraft [Download]Spirit of

The Airone is a an EDF (Earth Defense Force) frigate that appeared in Space Battleship Yamato II, it's a warship built for speed and manueuverability.Space Battleship Yamato

Papercraft models of popular aircrafts used in a Control line (aka U-Control) - think of it as kite-flying but instead of kites you control flying model aircrafts.Riley Woote

The HC-130 Hercules is a long-range surveillance and transport aircraft used by the United States Coast Guard in their search and rescue operations, as well as cargo and pers

Tekzo goes long range ^^ with this BGM-109 Tomahawk paper model - subsonic crusie missile (uses lifting wings and has a propulsion system) that was prominently used by the US

Masayu-i adds a mini F-2 Viper Zero papercraft to his collection, check it out.There are two versions of the Viper Zero but only the F-2B is available, the F-2A (single seat f

We started small with the Embraer jet series, but now, designer Claudio Dias has gone with the big boys with this Embraer 190 papercraft jet. The Embraer 190 is a 100+ seater

The controversial (poor safety record) Lockheed F104 Starfighter, Japan Air Self-Defense Force version.Lockheed F104 Starfighter Papercraft [Download]Official Japanese Milita

The SPAD VII biplane used by Italian ace, Giorgio Pessi - a single-seater primarily used by the French Air Service and equipped with a Vickers .303 machine gun.SPAD VII Bipla

Add the F16 fighter jet to Mabikaze Paperwork's new series, Mabikaze Wings - nice looking paper airplanes that actually fly ^^.Mabikaze Wings - F16 Paper Airplane [Download]P