Nothing is more fun than waging a war with an ultra devastating stealth bomber / fighter on your side. The stealth fighter is a type of air unit in the Advance Wars series.Adv

Bobs Card Model site has released a new model, an Airbus Beluga (aka Airbus A300-600ST) papercraft - named after a species of toothed whale known for its rounded forehead.Bob
Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo / White Knight Two Papercraft (Spaceplane / Carrier aircraft)

The White Knight Two cargo aircraft (mothership) that is used to launch the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft (middle part) as part of Virgin Galactic's private spaceflight service.Virg

The Phoenix aircraft from the 2004 film Flight of the Phoenix (remake), about a group of survivors of a plane crash in the Mongolian desert. They work together to build a new
Airbus A330-200 Papercraft - Jet Airways

Airbus A330 used by India's second largest airline, Jet Airways - they're currently using 12 units in service.Jet Airways Airbus A330-200 Papercraft [Download]Airbus Beluga P
Aliens – USS Sulaco Papercraft (Spaceship)

Search for any Aliens papercraft on the web and you'll definitely find Jan Rukr, he's one of the biggest Aliens fan around and he's got an epic project in-progress.Jan has bee

An actual papercraft airplane that can fly, created by Mabikaze Paperwroks, this paper airplane is based on the A6M Zero fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Navy A

Paper model of the very popular and versatile F/A 18 Hornet designed by Christoph Stahl (Stahlhart Papercraft), has a massive 34 liveries / versions to choose from and armame

GDI Orca Mk. V from Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, it's a multifunction VTOL combat aircraft equipped with "comet" multi-purpose missiles.Command & Conquer 4 - GDI O

Faster than a speeding bullet ^^ the newest Airbus A330-240 papercraft lands on our runway, this one, proudly showing off the Air Transat colors (Montreal, Quebec, Canada).Ai