Afro Samurai - Jinno and Kuma Free Papercraft Download

Afro Samurai - Jinno and Kuma Free Papercraft Download


Afro Samurai - Jinno and Kuma Free Papercraft DownloadThis Afro Samurai papercraft is designed by Dexler Zero. Jinno is a major character in the Afro Samurai world. Kuma is the name given to the warrior who guards the entrance to the Number One's throne room, Kuma has the appearance of a Bear man wearing a dark blue Kimono and a large teddy bear head/helmet where his head should be the bear head is very similar to Otsuru's/Okiku's toy teddy bear from her youth. Kuma's name means Bear.

Kuma first appears at the end of Episode 3 of Season 1 guarding the path to the Number one's throne room and in episode 4 he talks to Afro claiming to not have seen him for a long time and then engaging Afro in combat with dual swords, Afro refuses to draw his sword at first and Kuma goads him into drawing his blade by insulting Afro attempting to attack him while Afro skillfully dodges and then a flashback of Afro's youth begins which reveals Kuma to have been Afro's childhood friend and fellow Student Jinno who has become grief stricken from the deaths of all his fellow students/Friends and beloved Sword Master and sworn revenge on Afro promising to make his death slow and painful as his helmet falls off revealing him to have a cybernetic eye and one which never stops crying Afro is unfazed at seeing his childhood friend with life support machinery or crying and Kuma angrily rushes forward before lunging to attack at the end of the episode.

In episode 5 it is revealed that Ninja Ninja stepped in front of Kuma/Jinno's attack saving Afro at least in Afro's mind what may have happened is he simply dodged but this is open for debate, Ninja Ninja is dying from the fatal blow and attempts to light one last cigarette before he dies but is unable to he encourages Afro who remembers about using two hands to strengthen his swords attack strength and Ninja Ninja disappears in a cloud of green energy claiming it was the bomb hanging out with Afro.

Jinno apparently hearing Afro's comment on the blade strength claims that this will not work on him as he is far superior and continues his battle with Afro another flashback happens explaining how Jinno survived and was remade into a cyborg by Dharman under orders of The Empty Seven and being instructed to wait at the base/entrance to The Number One's Throne Room claiming Afro will come to him in time.

Kuma continues to battle Afro but his life support system is damaged he enraged blames Afro for the deaths of all his friends and their calling out their names and thus making Afro reflect on all their Deaths calling out their names Otsuru's twice. Kuma is warned by Dharman that his life Support has been struck and he doesnt have much time and is urged to Slay Afro before it's too late Kuma/Jinno makes one last running slash at Afro while Afro does the same Afro hits first and Jinno/Kuma is defeated.

Kuma appears again in Afro Samurai Resurrection mostly in a non speaking role alongside Sio where he rides a Motorcycle and assists in stealing the number one headband and stealing a jawbone from Afro's Father's grave. At the end of the film he remembers his bonds of brotherhood with Afro and rushes at Afro's Father's Monstrous clone engaging him in combat alongside Sio before both are killed. It is 30 years later when Kuma/Jinno's battle at the end of Afro Samurai season 1 takes place according to the booklet that comes with the boxset DVD. Afro is clean shaven as he is in season 1 and Kuma/Jinno is wearing all of the headbands wrapped around most of his body and one over where his cybernetic eye is he also had a cigarette in the mouth of the Teddy bear helmet still lit so he may return yet again in future Afro Samurai projects though as to why is unknown as he seemed to find peace at the end of Afro Samurai Resurrection so his battle at the end of Season 1 may already have happened.

In the Afro Samurai videogame Kuma/Jinno repeatedly ask's Afro who he is during combat quote (Who am I?) and regains his memory at the end of the fight.

You can download this papercraft from here: Afro Samurai - Jinno and Kuma Free Papercraft Download


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