Adventure Time - Peppermint Butler, Fionna and Cake Free Paper Toys Download

Adventure Time - Peppermint Butler, Fionna and Cake Free Paper Toys Download


Adventure Time - Fionna Paper ToyHere are three , Fionna, Cake and Peppermint Butler, created by Cartoon Network. Fionna (previously spelled Fiona and aka Fionna the Human) is a fictional character and the gender-swapped version of Finn who was created by the Ice King in his fan-fiction. She was created by series character designer Natasha Allegri in a series of web comics and drawings. She and the other gender-swapped characters appeared occasionally in their own segment of the show. She is usually seen in the company of Cake, her own stretchy companion also adoptive sister. Fionna's nemesis is the Ice Queen. She is shown to have an attraction to Prince Gumball and a past with Marshall Lee. Ice King fantasizes about one day making her real and marrying her.

Fionna is known to mostly keep her calm, she can be provoked to anger. She will often try to act like one of the guys, so she fits in easily with friends like Marshall Lee or Prince Gumball.

Fionna is a fearless, thrill-seeking, adventure-loving hero who will rescue any prince from the Ice Queen or do any task to better herself or help citizens. She, much like Finn, is also very hard-headed as shown when Cake wanted her to date Prince Gumball and she was stubborn about it. So far, none of Fionna's fears have been introduced and she is known to be very courageous and brave.

While usually appearing as black dots, her eyes are seen as blue when enlarged. She wears a rabbit-themed hat with exposed locks of blonde hair and also has rabbit-like buck teeth. Unlike Finn, her neck and blonde hair are shown. When she is not wearing her hat, her hair goes down to between her knees and ankles. Her outfit includes a teal blue shirt with elbow-length sleeves, a dark blue skort, and high-knee socks with two thin, light blue horizontal stripes at the top. Fionna is a heavier set than Finn. She has a green backpack and Mary Jane shoes.

Cake Paper ToyCake the cat is the gender swapped version of Jake the dog, created by Adventure Time character designer Natasha Allegri and featured in the episode "Fionna and Cake." She has Stretchy Powers and can morph her body just like Jake. Cake travels with Fionna, and Lord Monochromicorn is her boyfriend. As a cat, she also possesses the ability to see in the dark. The fur on her tail stands on the end when there is danger around or when she gets excited.

She was briefly mentioned in "King Worm" when the Ice King was in trouble and mistakenly used the gender-swapped names when asking Finn and Jake for help.

She doesn't look much like Jake, aside from their body proportions. She has white eyes in which the black pupils become circular if surprised, excited, shocked, or scared. She has a cat muzzle and a small nose, cat ears, white fur with many coffee colored spots, and a large bushy tail. When Fionna and Cake race Prince Gumball, when Cake runs up the mountain, she has claws on her front paws. In the Fionna and Cake miniseries, Cake's eyes will go back to her original prototype blue color.

Peppermint Butler Paper ToyPeppermint Butler is a recurring character in the show Adventure Time. He is an inhabitant of the Candy Kingdom and loyal butler to Princess Bubblegum. He also sang the song "Ultimate Prize" in the episode "Wizard Battle."

Peppermint Butler is generally portrayed as a happy, even-tempered, and carefree guy, as shown by his interactions with his fellow Candy People in "Slumber Party Panic." An ever-diligent worker, Peppermint Butler serves Princess Bubblegum as well as her kingdom in various ways such as carrying Princess Bubblegum, working as a jailer, and as a chef. Though an adult, Peppermint Butler can occasionally be childish and immature as seen in his squabble with Chet over who got to be the grillmeister in "The Real You."

Peppermint Butler is a trusted member of Candy Kingdom society, but evidence suggests there is more to him than meets the eye. It is likely Peppermint Butler is more intelligent and able than he lets people believe. For example, in "Mortal Recoil," he realized that Princess Bubblegum was being possessed by the Lich, as evidenced by his hissing at the sight of her. Also, it was Peppermint Butler who revealed that Finn was trapped in a dream and in danger in "King Worm."

He seems to have a secret dark past as he has close ties with Death revealed in "Death in Bloom." This acquaintanceship saved Finn and Jake from peril, but he later claimed he would steal the flesh from their sleeping bodies as payment. Given that Finn and Jake still have their flesh this may have only been a morbid joke. There is also some controversy with him and a Goblin in the episode, "The Eyes" where it looks as though he has killed the goblin, but is able to divert suspicion from himself when Finn and Jake arrive by claiming he found the goblin this way. In "Return to the Nightosphere," a picture is shown of him golfing with Hunson Abadeer as a background gag.

In "You Made Me!," when Finn asks to see his aura, Peppermint Butler declines, saying "No, you don't want to see that," while sweating and nervously backing away from him.

As is common with his occupation, Peppermint Butler is a well-dressed peppermint candy. He wears the traditional tailcoat of a butler, but opts for the less traditional blue version of the outfit. His shoes, gloves, and bow-tie are red, matching his red stripes. Unlike most characters in the show, he has white eyes. [Source: wikia]

You can download these paper craft toys here: Adventure Time - Peppermint Butler, Fionna and Cake Free Paper Toys Download