Adventure Time - Ghost Princess Free Paper Craft Download


Adventure Time - Ghost Princess Free Paper Craft DownloadThese two paper crafts are designed by Triz. Ghost Princess (formerly Warrior Princess) makes her first appearance in "Prisoners of Love" where she is kidnapped by the Ice King. She also makes appearances in "What is Life?" in Ice King's Imagination Zone and in "Loyalty to the King," as one of the princesses who wanted to marry Nice King. In the latter Jake yells at her to make her go away which makes her think that Nice King hates her, causing her to cry. She seems to be very shy.

Adventure Time (formerly known as Adventure Time with Finn and Jake) is an American animated television series which was created by Pendleton Ward and produced by Frederator Studios. The show is based on an original Animated Short which aired on Frederator's Random! Cartoons show and won an Annie Award for the Best Animated Short Subject of 2009. The series is about a boy named Finn and a twenty-eight year-old, magical dog named Jake who encounter many strange adventures in the Land of Ooo. In 2010, Cartoon Network picked up the series, and it premiered with "sneak peeks" on March 11 and 18, 2010 followed by the official series premiere on April 5, 2010. This series is rated TV-PG (with the episode Go With Me rated TV-PG-D, then re-rated to TV-PG).

You can download these papercrafts from here: Adventure Time - Ghost Princess Free Paper Craft Download