Adventure Time - Finn the Human Free Papercraft Download

Adventure Time - Finn the Human Free Papercraft Download


Adventure Time - Finn the Human Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Finn the Human, a main character in the American animated television series , the paper toy created by Poe. There are other Finn papercrafts on the site: .

Finn wears a white hat that covers his entire head except for his face, it has two "ears" sticking out on the top. He also wears a green backpack, which later has a slot for his sword to go. Finn wears a blue t-shirt and denim shorts, along with a pair of white socks that are rolled down to the top of his black shoes. Every now and then when Finn is in the Ice Kingdom he is depicted wearing a sweater that Princess Bubblegum made for him. He also occasionally is seen wearing a yellow sweater when in the Ice Kingdom.

Finn is the only known human in the Land of Ooo. The cause for him being the last human is alluded to by Finn and many other characters talk about "The Great Mushroom Wars" which wiped out all of the humans. Up until the character "Susan Strong" is introduced, Finn believes that he has never met another human. When Finn encounters Susan Strong, the other members of Susan's tribe of "Hyoomans" are revealed to be mutants, and Susan's identity as a human or mutant is left ambiguous. In the episode "Beautopia", it is hinted upon that Susan may also be human, but it is not confirmed. The Businessmen that Finn meets in the episode "Business Time" are also likely humans, but they talk like zombies, as it seems their minds have been damaged by being frozen for such a long period of time. They also have boils all over their face, which may also be a result of being frozen. There are many other characters in the show that appear to be human but have been confirmed as humanoids or mutants. [Source: wiki]

About this paper craft:
Height: 4 in
Width: 1 1/2 in
Pages: 2
Difficulty: Medium

You can download this papercraft template here: Adventure Time - Finn the Human Free Papercraft Download