Adventure Time - BMO Free Papercraft Download

Adventure Time - BMO Free Papercraft Download


Adventure Time - BMO Free Papercraft DownloadThis mecha paper model is BMO (phonetically spelled Beemo),  and 's living video game console, portable electrical outlet, music player, roommate, camera, alarm clock, toaster, flashlight, strobe light, skateboarder, friend, soccer player, video editor, video player and Chef, from the American animated television series , the papercraft is created by WebDude.

BMO makes its appearance in the title scene of the Theme Song of every episode of Adventure Time, just as Finn and Jake pound their fists together. BMO is characterized as a loyal, trusting, and helpful friend who is protective of Finn and Jake.

According to Finn, "BMO does weird junk when no one is around." He proves this in "Five Short Graybles," where BMO talks to its reflection in the mirror, naming him Football, and pretended to be a "little living boy." In "BMO Noire," BMO acts out a film noir fantasy complete with giving names, voices and dialogue to a number of animals and an inanimate object in the house. The way it interacts with its reflection in "Five Short Graybles," as well as the animals in "BMO Noire," is evidence that BMO may suffer from dissociative identity disorder, otherwise known as a multiple personality disorder. This causes BMO to act like completely different people, and have them communicate with each other.

BMO claims to not have emotions, but this is not true. In "Donny," BMO says, "I am incapable of emotion, but you are making me chafed!" It shows signs of annoyance in "Too Young" when Jake uses BMO as an ottoman. BMO demonstrates independence when it refuses to turn down its music even after Jake tells it to. Although they are both robots, BMO refuses Neptr's request to hang out more in "BMO Noire" by saying, "No, Neptr, I am not like you." In "Davey," BMO cries while Finn shaves his head to disguise himself as We Fixed a Truck"

BMO is very protective of Finn and Jake. In "Incendium," BMO says, "If anyone tries to hurt Finn, I will kill them." In "Guardians of Sunshine," BMO refuses to let Finn and Jake enter the video game world saying, "No! It's a far too dangerous, incredible adventure for you! That's final!"

BMO often acts to maintain the harmony of friendship between Finn and Jake. In "Video Makers," it edits the film Finn and Jake make in a way to resolve their dispute over the film's artistic direction, even composing a song for them. In "Card Wars," it refuses to "play such games with Jake" because Jake cannot deal with losing. When Finn asks BMO for advice on Jake's attitude, it recommended that Finn play to lose.

BMO likes a number of games and even a few sports. BMO has been seen playing its video games by itself in "BMO Noire." It also has been seen skateboarding in "Card Wars" and "Time Sandwich," and it once had to be picked up from soccer in the episode "In Your Footsteps."

BMO likes scrambled eggs, as shown in "Her Parents," and hot chocolate, as shown in "Video Makers" and "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II." In "Five More Short Graybles," BMO is shown to "drink" tea while teaching Football manners. There, BMO attempts drinking the tea with its pinkie finger up, but Football does not. BMO drank again and again, resulting the electrocution of itself. All of this shows that even though BMO cannot drink things, it still tries while pretending to be real. It has never been seen actually consuming food. Despite this, BMO can cook, and makes dinner for Finn and Jake in "Little Dude." BMO reveals in "The Creeps" that it enjoys taking nice pictures. BMO also likes to dance.

BMO is shown to be ticklish. This is seen when it giggles after Princess Bubblegum plays its circuits like a keyboard in "What Was Missing." It also reacts to being tickled by a feather while sleeping in "Guardians of Sunshine" and when it laughs and wriggles as its foot is being nibbled by a bear in "In Your Footsteps."

BMO's most prized possession is its controller, as it is one of the objects the Door Lord steals in "What Was Missing." [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft template here: Adventure Time - BMO Free Papercraft Download