Ace Combat - GAF-1 Varcolac Fighter Free Aircraft Paper Model Download

Ace Combat - GAF-1 Varcolac Fighter Free Aircraft Paper Model Download


Ace Combat - GAF-1 Varcolac Fighter Free Aircraft Paper Model DownloadThis aircraft paper model is a GAF-1 Varcolac , an experimental delta wing fighter jet, born as a result of Olivieri Life Insurance's Golden Axe Plan, the papercraft was created by Nagasaki. The GAF-1 Varcolac is the fictional aircraft concept introduced in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.

The GAF-1 Varcolac is featured in the final mission, "Reprisal", where it is flown by the Varcolac Squadron. The aircraft itself can be unlocked for player use by completing mission 21A/B with an S-rank in Ace difficulty, thus unlocking both the GAF-1 and the Fenrir.

Three of the four GAF-1 combat programs are available by destroying ace aircraft in three of the last four missions, specified below. If you have difficulty beating Sulejmani, use the SU-47 with SASM's to kill him. The Varcolac is very expensive, roughly 1,024,400 credits altogether, making it extremely expensive, probably due to its weaponry, and tunability. The most expensive plane is, however, the FALKEN probably because it can carry 24 TLS charges instead of 14, the plane costs roughly 1,290,000 credits, making it highly unobtainable at first, unless you don't pay any credits for any other aircraft during Campaign.

The Varcolac uses three unique parts, or "programs" that will affect the aircraft's performance. Listed below

GAF-1 Type Defense/AG Program

  • Used by Daniel Oruma - destroy enemy ace C-17A Globemaster III "Express" on mission 18 ACE Difficulty.
  • Increases Air-to-Ground, Stability, Defense stats.
  • Decreases Mobility, Speed, Air-to-Air stats.
  • Gives a wide range for missile lock-on.

GAF-1 Type Speed/Intercept Program

  • Used by Faryd Gaviria - destroy enemy ace F-15 S/MTD "Kelpie" on mission 19 ACE difficulty.
  • Increases Speed, Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground, Stability stats.
  • Decreases Mobility, Defense stats.
  • Enables an AAM jammer system.

GAF-1 Type Mobility/AA program

  • Used by Tolya Kiriakov - destroy enemy ace Su-47 Berkut "Lily" on mission 20 ACE difficulty.
  • Increases AA, greatly increases Mobility stats.
  • Decreases Defense stats.
  • Gives an Auto Gun reticle.

Paint schemes

  • 1st paint scheme: Gray.
  • 2nd paint scheme: White.
  • 3rd paint scheme: Jet black.
  • 4th paint scheme: Light gray with red stripes.
  • 5th paint scheme: Varcolac paint scheme (blue with white teeth.)
  • 6th paint scheme: Purple, with the eyes and the mouth of a shark on the bottom of the nose.


  • Varcolac Squadron (Golden Axe Private Army)


  • Gun: 2x GAU/22A 25mm Gatling Cannon (Semi-self aiming)
  • Missile: 2x AIM-9M Sidewinder
  • HACM: 2x AIM-9X Sidewinder
  • HVWM: 2x modified ASRAAM
  • LGWM: 2x Python 4
  • LSWM: 3 Modified Sea Eagle Missile-with extra hardpoint it can carry 5
  • QAAM: 13 R-73 (AA-11) Archer
  • ODMM: 20 Modified AIM-120C AMRAAM
  • IRCM: 13 Plasma Energy Spheres

Ace Combat is a hybrid arcade-simulation flight action video game series featuring 12 games, published by the Japanese company Namco Bandai Games, and produced by Project Aces, an internal development team. The series emphasizes fast-paced action and dramatic plots, and has established itself as one of the most successful arcade flight action franchises.

You can download the paper model here: Ace Combat - GAF-1 Varcolac Fighter Free Aircraft Paper Model Download [Part 2]