About Us

About Us

The PapercraftSquare.com is a free website about papercraft. We will collect all of papercraft all around the world for you to download with free for charge.  There are the latest papercraft for free to download. We are targeting categories: Gundam papercraft, Anime&Manga papercraft, Games papercraft, Aircraft papercraft, Military Papercraft, Tanks papercraft, Movies papercraft, Robots&Mecha papercraft, Transformers papercraft, Vehicles papercraft, Building papercraft and Origami .

If you are looking for other categories of papercrafts, please use “Search”. For example, if you want to find architectur paper model, just search with keyword "architectur" or "building".

If you have new paper models hopes to share with others or link exchange with us, please send to : papercraftsquare@gmail.com

We want to provide much more informations for papercraft zealots and provide the power for your hobby!

*Because lots of paper models are about military, and war is the continuation of politics by other means. All politics are extremely ugly, so we do not intend to participate in political disputes. We only discuss beautiful models, not to discuss the dirty politics.


  1. I am unable to print the templates in the steampunk section. I dont know what I am doing wrong. Would someone help me? Do I need to be on a computer? Thanks soo much.

  2. Hello: I am unable to find the Trieste bathescapye model. Can you post the link to it or is it no longer available?

  3. Hello,
    I am trying to find a card board baseball stadium I can use as a centerpiece for my grandson’s baseball theme birthday party I need 3 cut out ,or print out that I can put together
    I would truly appreciate any help as soon as possible thank youn
    Thank yuu ,

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