About Us

About Us

The PapercraftSquare.com is a free website about papercraft. We will collect all of papercraft all around the world for you to download with free for charge.  There are the latest papercraft for free to download. We are targeting categories: Gundam papercraft, Anime&Manga papercraft, Games papercraft, Aircraft papercraft, Military Papercraft, Tanks papercraft, Movies papercraft, Robots&Mecha papercraft, Transformers papercraft, Vehicles papercraft, Building papercraft and Origami .

If you are looking for other categories of papercrafts, please use “Search”. For example, if you want to find architectur paper model, just search with keyword "architectur" or "building".

If you have new paper models hopes to share with others or link exchange with us, please send to : papercraftsquare@gmail.com

We want to provide much more informations for papercraft zealots and provide the power for your hobby!

*Because lots of paper models are about military, and war is the continuation of politics by other means. All politics are extremely ugly, so we do not intend to participate in political disputes. We only discuss beautiful models, not to discuss the dirty politics.


  1. I've been a fan of you site for a couple of years and I love the wide range of papercraft you have access to, but I've noticed in the last couple of weeks your front page seems to be "stuck" for a week then it goes to another page the next week, which again appears to be stuck. Your page may need maintenance.

    But again I do love your links, especially the Transformers and transformable works.

  2. your douglas C-47 sky train is bogus it takes me to a site in all asian writing but apart from that there is nothing to click on to any where thre item is listed ! thought you might like to know

  3. http://www.papercraftsquare.com/rodger-young-papercraft-free-download-starship-troopers.html keep trying to download this file of the roger young spaceship, I cant seem to get it to download, please help !!!!

  4. Howdy, I have been trying to download the sherlock holmes figure set for awhile now. Each time I try and error message pops up or this file does not exist. today I tied again, no luck....so I figured I would try downloading other figures ...nothing same message keeps poping up. What am I doing wrong?I would like these figures as I am a sherlock buff and I thought that these would been a good addition for our club.

  5. Thought I'd drop a line to first Thank you for the work you've done on this website.

    And to let you know there is something wrong with the connections to the Shredder Helmets. You don't get through to Tamasoft and connect.

  6. Hello, Greetings from Colombia and Happy New 2015.

    I need help. I haven't been able to download some of the models designed by uhu02. Mostly those of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. I appreciate you write me to edubarca1946@gmail.com



  7. hi i want to share my models on this site I hope you like them myself perform unfold the links are as follows



  8. the einstein paper toy download is not working:
    Can I download it from other URL?

  9. Hello. As I find bad links, should I contact you with information. Some links are dead, while others have been moved. Cordially, Aldo Ross, Ohio USA

  10. Hey papercraftsquare,

    I'm a little late to the papercraft party and I noticed that a lot of the links for the Warhammer 40k models have been purged. I was really hoping to grab some of the flyers for a project with the kid. Is there another link you could recommend to track them down.



  11. hola amigos de papercraftsquare, me gustaria saber si el XXXG-00W0 gundam wing zero custom de 1.4 metros estará disponible con las alas. porque en el archivo para descarga solo aparece el cuerpo sin las alas. ojala y pudiera estar ya que es un modelo grandioso. salu2

  12. I found the Warhammer 40k models very intersting but unfortunatley for lot of models thereh are not building instructions
    I would appreciate if sombody can tell me where to find them


  13. I found some small mistake on your site. Moon rover not from the movie "2001 Space odyssey". It is from the film "MOON" 2009

  14. I really need help can you send the copy of the 2d pictures of Auschwitz to me please thanks Dave I saw your Facebook page so far your webpage dose not run very well

  15. Dear ,

    along with greeting , I want to congratulate you for the great work on the realization of the models that have published about this, how I can access or download some of their models ? because I try to download and have no permits.


    Atte .

  16. Hello,

    I've tried requesting two templates for two different papercrafts and it doesn't seem like my request was actually published. I'm not sure if I said something wrong or if I have yet to do something to gain the right to request a template. Or if I'm just not posting properly. Could you please help? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    my email is jaden626@gmail.com

  17. Dear PaperCraft Team,

    First of all, thanks so much for sharing your creativity! Your designs are awesome! I found a few of my favorite anime characters here and I have to say that their square heads look even better than the originals.

    I would like to use one of your characters to make a T-Shirt. I figured that since your downloads are free, I could use the image but the inkers/design team of the printing company are requesting your written approval before they use the design.
    I don't need it for commercial use but as a single T-shirt.

    Would it be possible for you to give me your approval to use your design? I need approval for the Aoshi Shinomori (from Ruroni Kenshin/Samura X) square head.

    I'm guessing that a reply to this comment would suffice. Please let me know.

    Thank you in advance for your kind help.


    Kleidy H. (Kley-Kley).

  18. PaperCraftSquare said that "Lazy Life", a Japanese designer, created the Char B1 bis model.

    This is a mistake.
    The Char B1 bis model was created by Philippe Michaud, a French designer.