Taras Lesko: 4 Foot Freedom Gundam Papercraft

Taras Lesko: 4 Foot Freedom Gundam Papercraft


The ZGMF-X10A Freedom mech from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" made from nothing more than sheets of paper, glue, and a strong determined ambition. I admire the Gundam anime' series but never was I able to really follow the story, I just liked the manned-giant robots constantly in battle and upgraded with newly discovered materials from steel to the fictional Gundanium alloy. Taras Lesko on the other hand, who is a fan has successfully crafted a 4-foot-tall version of the Gundam mech model. Now, that's what I call creativity. His website has lots to offer and are all very interesting.

it's a kid-size Freedom Gundam papercraft. It's 4 foot tall, with 175 pages (ouch!) for the pattern and 2 months of dedicated work. Don't forget to check out the time-lapse video available on the designer's site. Kudos!

4 Foot Freedom Gundam Papercraft