3D paper ball ornaments free download

3D paper ball ornaments free download


3D paper ball ornaments free download

This art work is designed by Jessica Jones. They are very beautiful if you use them to decorate your room.

These are made from 12 slotted flower shapes that fit together to form a sphere. No adhesive needed; the only ingredient is paper. [via Jessica Jones]

Download the PDF templates here:
Large ball (10") – print/cut 12 sheets
Medium ball (5") – print/cut 2 sheets
Small ball (3") – print/cut 1 sheet

Download a Silhouette .studio file here:
Small ball (3") – unzip the file; cut 1 sheet
Use the slits to join petals together. Keep adding shapes, connecting as you go, so that every petal is connected to another on the neighboring flower.

The colored balls are made from regular-weight computer paper (Astrobright from Office Max) and the white balls are made with cardstock. The big sphere is the size of a basketball; the little one is approximately a baseball. And the medium-sized guy is maybe a large grapefruit.