2P27 (AT-1 Snapper) Soviet ATGM Vehicle Free Paper Model Download

2P27 (AT-1 Snapper) Soviet ATGM Vehicle Free Paper Model Download


2P27 (AT-1 Snapper) Soviet ATGM Vehicle Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a 2P27 (AT-1 Snapper), a Soviet ATGM Vehicle, based on the armored BRDM-1 with three pop up launch rails protected by an armored cover, mounted three 3M6 Schmel (Bumblebee) wire guided anti-tank missiles on a retractable launcher in an enclosed rear compartment, the papercraft is created by southpaw.

The system initially complemented the 2K15 system, which was mounted on an unarmored 2P26 launch vehicle based on the GAZ-69 chassis, though the latter system was eventually replaced by the 2P27, Both systems were intended to supplement conventional antitank guns at Idnger engagement ranges. In the West, the system was better known by its NATO designation "AT-1 Snapper". The 3M6 Schmel was developed by the KBM missile design bureau in Kolomna from 1958, in cooperation with the Ts NIIAG, Nil-125, and NII-6 institutes, and manufactured at the Saratov Mechanical Factory. It was developed for use with the BRDM launch vehicle which was designated 2P27. The complex was designated 2K16, the first Soviet armored car-mounted ATGM, with an effective range of 500-2,500m but a slow missile speed of 105m/s. The armor-defeating potential of the missile warhead was, however, a significant 380mm, which made the system a considerable threat to contemporary main battle tanks. The Schmel complex was not accepted for service with the Soviet Army until 1960, when the vehicle became available to the Soviet Army. The 2P27 was produced from 1960-63 and served with the Soviet Army into the 1970s. The vehicle is not known to have been exported and is not believed to have seen combat.

To launch the system, the "W" barn doors were opened on either side and the missile launcher system, with its three 3M6 missiles, was raised into position. The missiles were joystick controlled, Manual Command Line of Sight (MCLOS) guided, and had an effective range of 2,500m, which took the missiles thirty seconds 'to cover. The operator required considerable training in order to quickly locate the missile on launch and guide it to its target by use of a trailing wire link. Because of the short amount of time available for target acquisition, the minintum range was about 500m. That was not ideal considering that expected tank engagement ranges in any confrontation in Europe at the time were under 1,000m.

Due to the large size of the 3M6 missiles, the 2P27 also had very limited reload capability within the rear fighting compartment, and having only three missiles on launch rails limited the vehicle's performance. The 2P27 was normally deployed within an anti-tank battery attached to a Motorized Rifle Regiment (MRR). Each battery had three platoons, each with three 2P27 launch vehicles and a BRDM-U command vehicle.

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