2008 Olympic Papercraft Mascots

2008 Olympic Papercraft Mascots


The Fuwa or "good luck dolls" in Chinese are the official mascots for the 2008 Summer Olympics being held in Beijing. They were designed by Han Meilin and consist of five members. They are Beibei (blue), Jingjing (black), Huanhuan (red), Yingying (yellow?) and Nini (green) - like other mascots before them, each one represents a color from the five Olympic Rings. I'm not sure about Yinying though, one of the official colors is yellow, but he looks more orange to me. Probably a result of China flexing its muscle again, defiant as always.

The designer calls himself paperpop and makes his home at the cardmodel site (China). He has released the first (Beibei) of the five Olympic papercrafts and would continue to do so on the 24th of each month until all five mascots are done, with the last one being on the actual end date of the Olympic games.

Don't forget to bookmark and come back on the scheduled release dates:
BeiBei - April 24 (Available Now), JingJing - May 24, HuanHuan - June 24, YingYing - July 24, NiNi - August 24.

2008 Olympic Papercraft Mascots

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