2000 AD - Judge Dredd Lawgiver Mk II Free Paper Model Download

2000 AD - Judge Dredd Lawgiver Mk II Free Paper Model Download


2000 AD - Judge Dredd Lawgiver Mk II Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a Lawgiver Mk II, a fictional weapon used by the Judges in Judge Dredd and related series, the papercraft was created by Rebostar. Introduced in 2120, the introduction of the then-new Lawgiver MK II was a bittersweet occasion for the members of the Justice Department.

Many of the first examples had been sabotaged by Neros Narcos, the leader of "The Frendz" crime syndicate, as part of Operation Doomsday. When they received a remote signal, the processors on the new weapons were deactivated. This made the palm-print function not recognise the Judge it was issued to, causing its self-destruct bomb to detonate. This maimed and killed scores of Judges and is seen as the opening event of the Second Robot War (2121).

It was a distinct improvement over the earlier model. All the ammunition is now stored in a single bulk magazine rather than a series of small magazines. Ammo types received a number designation and could be manually selected by using a dial on the side of the gun or by using a vocal command. Unlike the semi-automatic MK I, the MK II is capable of automatic fire.

The Lawgiver MK II is capable of firing the following different types of ammunition:

  1. Standard Execution (SE) - Ammunition used in response to generic situations.
  2. Armour Piercing (AP) - Ammunition used to deal with Robots or lifeforms wearing body armour. Armour Piercing rounds are also powerful enough to go through multiple unarmoured perps.
  3. Ricochet (R) - Rubber-titanium ammunition used to shoot perps around corners and behind walls. Can be used in standoff situations to allow Judges to shoot around hostages.
  4. Incendiary (I) - Partially explosive chemical rounds that ignite whatever target they hit.
  5. High-Explosive (HE, Hi-Ex) - These rounds can be used when a situation calls for a forced entry into an area and there isn't time to wait for heavier reinforcements.
  6. Heatseeker (HS) - Rounds that lock on and seek targets by their body-heat. Can be used in combination with incendiary rounds.

PSI Division Exorcists carry Exorcism rounds instead of Heat-Seekers.

Additionally, this model of Lawgiver also has an built-in Stun-Shot system, which runs off an internal battery pack. It fires a Neuro-Electric Energy Pulse that scrambles the target's nervous system, causing them to faint. The pulse has no lasting side-effects, though it may cause heart failure, epileptic seizures, or permanent Central Nervous System damage. A depleted battery pack can be recharged at a station house or from a Lawmaster's power system.

The MK II also has the capability to fire clip-on Fragmentation (Grenade), Stumm Gas, or Tranq Gas grenades. They can be fired in either indirect- (arced trajectory) or direct-fire (flat trajectory) mode.

The MK II can also fire a drug-filled Hypodermic Needle (Hypo) round. It operates and functions much like the earlier Mk.I's clip-on Heat Seeker round. It must be aimed by the operator as it doesn't have the Heat Seeker's lock-on function.

The MK II Lawgiver is also equipped with a "Fast-Focus" Viewfinder to facilitate rapid targeting. It also has a built-in motion tracker that uses optional audible pings and tones to inform the operator of the location of nearby moving targets. [Source: wiki]

You can download the papercraft model template here: 2000 AD - Judge Dredd Lawgiver Mk II Free Paper Model Download