1990 Toyota MR2 1.6G (AW11) Paper Car Free Paper Model Download

1990 Toyota MR2 1.6G (AW11) Paper Car Free Paper Model Download


1990 Toyota MR2 1.6G (AW11) Paper Car Free Paper Model DownloadThis vehicle paper model is a second generation Toyota MR2 1.6G (AW11) paper car, created by Studio Tomoda. The Toyota MR2 is a two-seat, mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car produced by Toyota, from 1984 until July 2007 when production stopped in Japan. There are three different generations of the MR2: 1984-1989, with angular, origami-like lines, 1990-1999, which had styling that some compared to Ferrari sports cars, and 2000-2007, which somewhat resembled the Porsche Boxster. It was designed to be small, with an economical powerplant, but sporty in style and handling. Basic design elements, such as MacPherson strut front and rear suspensions and transverse-mounted inline-four engines, are common to all three generations of MR2, though each generation differs greatly from the next in particulars.

The MR2 went through a complete redesign in 1989. The new car was larger and weighed 350 to 400 pounds (160 to 180 kg) more than its predecessor.

Because of the resemblance to the Ferrari 348 and the Ferrari F355, the new MR2 was quite striking, and it is sometimes referred to as a "poor man's Ferrari."

There are many subtle visual differences between the normally aspirated and turbocharged models: including the "turbo" emblem on the rear trunk, a fiberglass engine lid with raised vents, fog lights, and an added interior center storage compartment located between the two seats. All SW20 MR2s came with a staggered wheel setup, with wider wheels and tires in the rear than in the front.

Mechanical differences on the Turbo models include, but are not limited to:

  • 3S-GTE engine with associated air to air intercooler and different exhaust configuration;
  • Stronger and heavier E153 gearbox with different ratios and stronger axles;
  • Larger fuel pump and radiator.
  • Models with 3S-GE and 3S-GTE engines had twin-piston front brake calipers. Models with the 5S-FE engine had only single-piston calipers.

The US market MR2 Turbo model was able to accelerate from 0-60 in 6.1 seconds and finish the 1/4 mile in 14.7 seconds. [Source: wiki]

You can download this car paper model here: 1990 Toyota MR2 1.6G (AW11) Paper Car Free Paper Model Download