1/64 Building Papercrafts

1/64 Building Papercrafts


Ford Dealership PapercraftLast year, I posted about a Gas Station papercraft from designer Carlos Ribeiro - he didn't have a site back then but now he does, so let's check it out. The site is called Paper House 1/64 and it's all about automobile-related building papercraft scaled at 1/64.

The top photo is a Ford dealership building, but you can change it into any brand you like just by replacing the front sign with the provided banners.

Econo Motors PapercraftThis next one is an old Econo Motors building - specialized in maintenaning and repairing Volkswagen and Porsche cars.

Newsstand PapercraftA simple newsstand.

Tire Shop Papercraftand a borracharia (local tire repair shop).

1/64 Building Papercrafts

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