07-Ghost - Labrador Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


07-Ghost - Labrador Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is the Labrador, based on the fantasy manga 07-Ghost. This papercraft is designed by blackignus.

Labrador is one of the main characters of the 07-ghost manga and anime series. He serves as a Bishop of the Barsburg Church located in District 7, and his job there is to protect the citizens by removing Verloren's messengers, the Kor. Labrador is seen spending most of his time in the gardens of the Church where he takes care of and converses with the plants there and makes them into herbal remedies. He is also able to manipulate them using his healing Zaiphon, meaning he is able to weaponize them. The manga later reveals that he was originally born in the God House of Krat as Ilyusha, being a descendant of the ghost Profe, and after he died began serving as one of the Seven Ghosts. Labrador is the Ghost known as Profe, the one that is able to see one's future.

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You can download this cube paper craft toy from here: 07-Ghost - Labrador Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download